Personalised funerals

A funeral should reflect the life, loves and personality of the deceased, so it’s little wonder that personalised funerals are becoming ever more popular.

Alongside personal touches such as home grown flowers or scented candles, it isn’t that uncommon these days for a funeral to be based around a theme. At least one UK Funeral Director has dressed up as Darth Vader to lead a funeral cortege!

The wonder of willow

We have been weaving our willow into beautiful bespoke coffins for over a decade. Willow coffins are certainly gaining in popularity – they are eco-friendly, sustainable and beautiful to look at, (we are biased but what’s not to like?!) An increasing number of our customers are choosing to design a willow coffin and then incorporate additional personal touches to great effect.

These personal touches vary enormously. We’ve woven coffins in all shapes and sizes and incorporated favourite colours into the design.  

Many more families and loved ones are also arranging to visit us to help weave the chosen coffin. While here, they often take the time to make willow keepsakes or additional pieces which can be tied to the coffin. We have made all sorts of sporting paraphernalia out of willow; tennis rackets, golf clubs and even bikes! We have also added fishing rods, climbing ropes and snooker cues to coffins. With skilful tying, these can be easily removed and allow the deceased to enjoy their last journey with their favourite piece.

Personalised funerals
One of our weavers made this willow bike

All these touches helped to turn the coffin into something very personal.

All things bright and beautiful

One of the beauties of willow is that it can be dyed. Only natural dyes are used here, but that doesn’t restrict our colour palette. Coffin designs have ranged from the inclusion of a thin coloured band to a full on rainbow.

Personalised funerals - Our Rainbow coffin
One of our Rainbow coffins in a matching carriage

And the colour needn’t stop with the coffin. Our linings can also be natural dyed to striking effect. As all our linings are made on site, we can also accommodate more specialist requests. One family asked if we could use some favourite T-shirts to make a liner. The end result was a fabulous, personalised coffin with an incredible, one-off lining.

Personalised funerals - a coffin lined with T-shirts
A coffin lined with T-Shirts

Matching ashes caskets

We can also incorporate specific colours into one of our oval, square or rectangular willow ashes caskets. The colour(s) can match those chosen for the coffin.

And why shouldn’t the shape or design of a coffin plaque be personalised as well? We recently invested in a top of the range laser engraver. This has enabled us to design a range of plaques and keepsakes. All these touches make such a difference to family and friends.

A Viking send-off

While we have made several boat shaped coffins for customers, a recent request for advice was certainly something out of the ordinary. A family were keen to build a Viking ship out of willow to help commemorate the life of their son. The ship would form part of a unique festival, ‘Fest-a-Bill’ (which subsequently raised nearly £20,000 for charity). It had to look spectacular (it certainly did) and combust well. Hundreds gathered to watch the finished piece burn. It was a truly incredible sight.  

“We wanted to say a massive thank you for all your help and knowledge with our Viking ship and for being part of Fest A Bill.”
Best wishes and love from Jan, Sarah & Meg

Personalised Funerals – Design your coffin

Personalised funerals - a boat coffin
A boat coffin made by one of our skilled weavers

We all make personal choices through the vast majority of our lives, so why, at the end of it, should this be any different? If you don’t fancy a bog-standard, brown wood coffin, act now. Make sure you include an Expression of Wishes Form with your important personal papers detailing your personalised funeral wishes. And if you fancy a beautiful, bespoke, eco-friendly option, we know just the place to come…