Eco-friendly willow coffins

Willow is the natural choice for an eco-friendly coffin

For centuries, willow has been used for its strength, beauty, and practicality throughout our homes and lives. In our environmentally conscious times, willow has gained notice for being a highly sustainable crop. Subsequently, willow coffins are a more eco-friendly coffin choice than traditional wood.

Robust, beautiful, and completely plastic free, all our willow coffins are handwoven by a skilled craftsperson at our Somerset farm. We use non-toxic dyes to colour our willow and all our linings are made from sustainable material.

  • Family business spanning four generations
  • Growing and supplying willow for nearly 100 years
  • Award-winning people, products & service
  • Team includes highly skilled willow weavers

A carbon neutral crop

Musgrove Willows is committed to ensuring our natural, woven willow coffins are as eco-friendly as possible.

We practice a carbon neutral policy, and willow is known for being a climate friendly crop. It absorbs carbon as it grows, and increases the biodiversity of our local environment.

Willow is one of the fastest growing plants, and the Somerset Levels provide us with ideal conditions for this sustainable and renewable crop. During the summer, a willow rod can grow over ten feet tall.

Willow beds regrow year after year

It takes around three years to establish a willow cutting, but once it’s there the willow stump should provide for many years to come.

An established willow stump will usually grow plenty of rods which can be harvested every year for almost 60 years.

We are also trialling a regenerative programme for some of our older willow beds. The willow and soil has been tested to see where it might be lacking, helping us us work out what we can do to naturally boost its productivity.

Traditional willow farming stands the test of time

Our team work closely with the environment, and good land management helps us minimise our impact on local wildlife.

We employ traditional methods when growing the willow for our eco-friendly coffins. Some of our land is a designated site of special scientific interest (SSSI) and given over to nature. We collect rainwater, which is used to boil and wash our willow when it’s been harvested. No fossil fuels are used when our willow is boiled.

Any willow off cuts produced when making our natural woven coffins are turned into keepsakes, artists charcoal, or burned as fuel that doesn’t produce greenhouse gases.