Willow is the eco-friendly choice for a coffin.

The Somerset Levels provide ideal conditions for this sustainable and renewable crop. Willow is one of the fastest growing plants. During the summer months a willow rod can grow by over 10 feet! A willow cutting takes around 3 years to become established. The willow stump should then provide numerous rods which can be harvested every year for about 60 years.

  • Family business spanning four generations since the 1920s.
  • Growing and supplying willow for almost 100 years.
  • Award-winning people, products & service.
  • A dedicated and talented team of willow weavers.

Carbon neutral

Willow absorbs carbon as it grows – Musgrove Willows practice a carbon neutral policy. Traditional methods are often the best. No fossil fuels are used when our willow is boiled. Rainwater is harvested and used for boiling and washing the willow. Willow off cuts are turned into keepsakes, artists charcoal or burned as fuel.

Our team work sensitively with the environment. Good land management helps us to minimise our impact on wildlife. Some of our land is designated as a Site of Special Scientific Interest and given over to nature. An orchid count is conducted each year. In some of our fields hay is grown. This is then used to fill the pillows and mattresses.

Standing the test of time

Willow has been used for its strength, beauty and practicality throughout our homes and lives for centuries. In these environmentally aware times, willow or wicker coffins are gaining in popularity and are rightly viewed as an eco-friendly option. Willow is a more sustainable choice for a coffin than either wood or cardboard. Woven by a skilled craftsman, a willow coffin is both robust and beautiful.

Non-toxic dyes are used to colour our willow and all our linings are environmentally friendly. Our coffins are completely plastic free.