Musgrove Willows weave a wide range of willow coffins. Many of the coffins are named after areas close to our farm and some of these are home to fields of our willow.

Each wicker coffin is made on site with willow that has been grown and hand sorted on our Somerset farm. This enables us to maintain exceptionally high standards of quality and service. In 2017, Musgrove Willows received accreditation from the Funeral Furnishing Manufacturers’ Association (FFMA). Our willlow coffins have passed rigorous testing for weight, strength and environmental impact. All our willow coffins are appropriate for burial, cremation, woodland and green burial sites.

wicker coffins

  • CustomiseEach willow coffin and casket in our range can be customised and a bespoke service is available. Coffins can usually be made to a specific design in just 72 hours.
  • Eco-friendlyAll our wicker coffins and caskets are lined with environmentally friendly materials. Only non toxic dyes are used to colour the willow and the coffin linings. They are completely plastic free.
  • Help to weaveFamily and friends are welcome to visit us to help weave a coffin for a loved one. If you would like to take advantage of this free service, please let you Funeral Director know or contact us directly.