Direct cremations are gaining in popularity in the UK. A direct cremation (or direct disposal as it is sometimes known) involves a simple cremation without a funeral service. Often unattended, a direct cremation provides a lower cost alternative to a traditional funeral. It is also a way of avoiding the potential upset caused by a funeral service. All our coffins can be used in a direct cremation.

Once the direct cremation has taken place, the ashes can be scattered in the garden of the crematorium or returned to the family.

By choosing a direct cremation loved ones can say their goodbyes in an environment and at a time of their choosing. This could be at a separate memorial service or special event.

With a direct cremation the body must still be covered up in public however, a coffin is not necessarily required.

Direct Cremation Stretcher & Shroud

Musgrove Willows offer a beautiful willow stretcher which comes with a natural calico shroud. These have been designed specifically for direct cremations. The stretcher and shroud provide a lower cost alternative to a willow coffin. To order a willow stretcher with shroud, simply complete the form below. Alternatively, please contact us. Funeral Directors with an online account can purchase stretchers, shrouds, gowns, caskets and much more in our Wholesale shop.

  • Hand woven by a member of our skilled basket making team.
  • Our willow is grown, processed and naturally dyed on our farm.
  • Our willow is sustainable, natural & eco-friendly.
  • You are welcome to visit us to help weave the coffin.

Musgrove Willows Coffins

Friends & Family

  1. Choose a willow coffin from our extensive range and customise if required
  2. Send your willow coffin choice to your Funeral Director/Arranger
  3. Your Funeral Director/Arranger will then contact us to place the order
  4. Confirmed orders are usually dispatched in 48 hours

Family and friends are encouraged to use the services of a registered Funeral Director or Funeral Arranger.

Find a Funeral Director

Family members are welcome to come and help weave the coffin. Please liaise with your Funeral Director/Arranger to arrange a date to visit us.

If you are arranging a funeral yourself or experience any difficulty in purchasing one of our willow coffins, please call Ellen on 01278 691105 or send us a message and we will do all that we can to help.

Those taking out a pre-paid funeral plan or making a Will can include a completed Expression of Wishes Form stating their choice of willow coffin.

Funeral Directors, Funeral arrangers & Suppliers to the funeral industry

  1. Choose a willow coffin from our extensive range and customise if required
  2. Place your order online
  3. Confirmed orders are usually dispatched in 48 hours

If you have ordered a coffin from us before, please login to your account. If you haven’t ordered from us previously, please register your details by creating an online account. This will only take a couple of minutes.


If you would rather place an order by phone, please call our friendly team on 01278 691105 who will complete an Order Form with you. This form will then be emailed to you to check. Please be aware that the order will need to be confirmed before weaving of the coffin commences.

Coffins can be supplied in different sizes and colours. Bespoke linings can also be made.