Children's Willow Coffins

We offer beautiful children’s willow coffins, handmade with love and care on our Somerset farm.

Every one of our willow child coffins is woven with willow grown in our fields across the Somerset levels. Our skilled weavers dedicate time and patience to making each child’s coffin unique and beautiful.

At Musgrove Willows, we offer a bespoke customisation service – allowing loved ones to incorporate any design ideas they might have into the weaving of a child coffin. This includes colour choice of the willow and lining, and the inclusion of any keepsakes or personal items.

Our willow coffins have passed rigorous testing for strength and environmental impact. All our completely plastic-free and lined with sustainable material. Only non-toxic dyes are used to colour the willow and the coffin lining. A child coffin woven from our willow is suitable for burial, cremation, and both woodland and green burial sites.

Our skilled weavers also create a bespoke willow flower as a keepsake, using the same willow used in the making of the coffin. If any other loved ones want to have a flower of their own, this can also be created for a small cost.

We also offer a Help to Weave service, inviting loved ones to come to our farm and participate in the weaving of a child’s coffin if they would like. This service is completely free, and many participants have found it a welcome, cathartic experience to spend a day on our farm during a difficult time. We can also live stream the weaving for any loved ones who live further afield.

Please also bear in mind that the Children’s Funeral Fund for England are able to provide up to £300 of funding. This can go towards the cost of a coffin or casket, burials or cremation fees, and other associated expenses – find out more here.

We can usually weave a child’s coffin to a specific design in 72 hours. The process takes a little longer if any loved ones would like to be involved in the weaving. For ideas and inspiration on how others have created beautiful bespoke willow coffins, please explore our gallery.