Child coffins

All our coffin designs are available as beautifully handcrafted children’s caskets. Our bespoke service enables family ideas to be incorporated into the design of a child coffin.

Each coffin is made on site with willow that has been grown on our Somerset farm. This enables us to maintain exceptionally high standards of quality and service. Many of our willow ‘wicker’ coffins are named after an area in which our willow is grown.

High quality child coffins

In 2017, Musgrove Willows received accreditation from the Funeral Furnishing Manufacturers' Association that our coffins had passed rigorous testing for weight, strength and environmental impact. All our child coffins are appropriate for burial, cremation, woodland and green burial sites.

Currently, it is not possible to order a child coffin online. However, a child coffin can be customised and the design can then be downloaded, printed or emailed.

All our coffins and caskets are lined with environmentally friendly materials. Only natural dyes are used to colour the willow and, when requested, the coffin lining. They are plastic free.

Personal touches

Family and friends are welcome to visit us to help weave a coffin for a loved one. If you would like to use this free service, please let you Funeral Director know or contact us directly.

Keepsakes are also available and these can be personalised with individual messages. Families that come to help weave often make items from the willow. These can be attached to the coffin and then kept.

Coffins can be made to a specific size and design in 48 hours. The process takes a little longer if a family is involved in the weaving.

For ideas and inspiration, please visit our Gallery.

The Children’s Funeral Fund for England can help to pay for the cost of a coffin or casket for those under 18. While it is not means-tested, the burial or cremation must take place in England. The fund can provide up to £300 towards burial or cremation fees, the coffin, shroud or casket for a child's funeral.