How to order a willow coffin

Musgrove Willows always encourage members of the public to buy one of our willow coffins through a registered Funeral Director. Their professional help and advice can be invaluable. If you are not using the services of a Funeral Director and wish to purchase a willow coffin, please get in touch.

A Funeral Director can order a coffin from us either online or by phone. The easiest way is via this website.

Ordering online

The first step is to register your details with us online. This process only has to be done once.

Once registered, a Funeral Director can simply select the coffin they require from our range. The coffin customisation feature allows any of our coffins to be changed (e.g. different colour handles). If you are not able to customise the coffin in the way that you wish, please contact us. The date of the funeral, the viewing date and any other additional notes can be added to the order.

Funeral Directors with an online account can also purchase items from our Wholesale page.

The price of items will only be visible if you have successfully registered and are logged in to the site.

When all the details have been completed, an Order Form (which includes a picture of the coffin) is generated. This provides a final opportunity for the Funeral Director and the family to check the coffin details before confirming the order. When the online box is ticked to confirm the order, the Order Form will automatically be emailed to us.

Our team will check the information and confirm receipt. As the order progresses, the Funeral Director will usually be notified at each of the following stages;

  • Order placed
  • Order accepted
  • Date family is helping to weave (if applicable)
  • Order ready

Ordering by phone

An online account needs to be set up the first time that a Funeral Director orders from us. This only takes a few minutes. A member of our team will then complete an online Order Form with the Funeral Director.

Once complete, the Order Form is emailed to the Funeral Director for confirmation. When the order is confirmed, the Funeral Director will usually be notified at each of the stages detailed above.