Help to weave

Many people take the opportunity to visit our farm to help weave a coffin for a loved one. It is a service which is provided free of charge.

Children, parents and grandparents have all come here to weave. No previous weaving experience is required. Members of our highly skilled team are always on hand to provide expert help and assistance. It’s a unique opportunity for family members and their friends to get together and make a really positive contribution. Many find the process very cathartic.


Families unable to visit us to help weave a coffin can use our live streaming service to watch the coffin being made. Please contact us to make arrangements.

  • Helping to weave a loved one’s coffin is free of charge.
  • Children, parents and grandparents are all welcome.
  • No previous weaving experience is needed.
  • Expert help and assistance from our highly skilled team.

Part of the experience

Visitors can also enjoy a tour of our willow farm. It’s a great opportunity to see how willow is grown, harvested and processed using many traditional methods. It helps to make a real connection with the willow being used in the weaving of our coffins.

personal touches & keepsakes

Personal touches can make such a difference. By helping to weave, there is also an opportunity to make willow keepsakes. Families often choose to adorn the coffin with these highly personal items.

If you would like to take part in the weaving process, please advise your Funeral Director as soon as possible. A suitable day can then be arranged. Some families come and weave for an hour while others spend the whole day with us.