Help to weave

We invite anyone to take the opportunity to visit our Somerset farm and help weave a willow coffin for their loved one.

Our Help to Weave service is open to all ages and abilities – no previous weaving experience is needed. You will be guided through the entire process by one of our expertly skilled weavers. It can be a hugely healing experience at a difficult time, and is completely free of charge.

  • Free ‘Help to weave’ service
  • All ages are welcome
  • No previous weaving experience required
  • Expert help & assistance provided


Help to Weave service is an opportunity for loved ones to come together and jointly contribute to honouring the life of someone they’ve lost. Many find the process incredibly therapeutic and a way to help manage their grief.

Based in the heart of rural Somerset, we have been growing willow on our family-run farm since the 1920s. Now in our fourth generation, Musgrove has become a name synonymous with handwoven willow products of the highest quality. Today, we are proud to say this includes the weaving of bespoke, FFMA certified willow coffins.

a supportive & friendly atmosphere

You will be gently guided through the process, and feel connected to the act of making a beautiful, natural woven coffin. Loved ones can also adorn a coffin with personal items, and take the opportunity to create handmade willow keepsakes which can also be added.

You will also receive a timelapse video of the entire weaving process once the coffin is finished. Those who are unable to attend can instead view a livestream of the weaving, where they can chat with the weaver and ask any questions they might have.

Participating in the weaving process can be hugely cathartic, and we want to ensure those who want this experience don’t miss out. If you are interested in participating in Help to Weave, please let your Funeral Director know as soon as you can – we’ll do the rest.