Coffin lining - Make it personal

See, hear or utter the words, “coffin lining” and what springs to mind? White? Possibly. Shiny? Probably. Impersonal? Almost definitely.

Well, it really doesn’t have to be like that. If your loved one had a favourite colour, then why not incorporate it not only into the coffin design but also the coffin lining? How about using a favourite blanket, scarf or T-shirt? All possible at Musgrove Willows. Any of our willow coffins can be customised and so can the coffin lining. It’s the beauty of making everything here on our Somerset willow farm. (Our coffins have been rigorously tested by the F.F.M.A and are suitable for cremation and any burial including woodland.)

Yellow coffin lining

Coffin lining material & colours

You won’t find any white satin coffin liners in our workshops. Our willow coffins are incredibly eco-friendly and that ethos is carried through to the liners. To keep every coffin plastic free, an absorbent liner made from biodegradable corn starch is fitted.

Our seamstress Jennie at work

Next, it’s on to the natural calico liner (or other material. More on that a little later.) Our calico liners are available in different styles and can be hand dyed (with natural dyes). There are 16 different colours to choose from! Many customers take the opportunity to select a colour for the liner which has been used in the coffin design. The results are often stunning.

Coffin lining

Making in personal

Alongside the lining, a coloured pillow and/or mattress can also be handmade to fit in the coffin. Straw from our fields is used to fill them. Recently, our seamstress made bows from a loved one’s favourite scarf. These were tied to the coffin so that they could be easily removed and distributed to family members as keepsakes.

A couple of years ago, a family asked if a lining could be made from a loved one’s stage clothes. He had been a singer in a band and used to wear eye-catching tops on stage. Our seamstress rose to the challenge. The finished coffin is pictured below.

Coffin lining
A truly bespoke, handmade lining

How personal can you get? This beautiful, customised willow coffin took centre stage. (Very fitting.) Instead of an austere wooden box, mourners could look at a beautifully crafted and highly personalised coffin complete with one-off lining. The customised ‘signage’ certainly made us smile. A coffin bringing a smile to mourners isn’t something that you expect.

Types of coffin lining

Our team is constantly on the lookout for environmentally friendly fabrics to use as a coffin liner. At present, research is being conducted into liners made from bamboo. Provenance, sustainability and corporate social responsibility are incredibly important to us.

One thing is for sure. Our coffin liners will continue to be available in a multitude of colours and designs. And they will all be handmade on our Somerset farm. For us, it’s personal.