Adapting to help families

During the past few months, more and more families have visited us to help to weave a willow coffin for a loved one.

It’s a way for family members to get together and make a really positive contribution. It also provides an opportunity to personalise the coffin and create special willow keepsakes. We have loved welcoming families from as far afield as Australia to our weaving workshop.

weave your own coffin
Helping to weave a loved one’s coffin

While we are still able to weave willow coffins at this difficult time, restrictions on social gatherings mean that we can’t, unfortunately, have families to visit. That being said, modern technology can be a wonderful thing. This week, a family was very keen to share in the weaving process and witness the coffin they had chosen being made. We set up a live streaming and video call, so family members and friends were able to see the coffin being woven at different stages.

It was a first for us and worked incredibly well. Again, it is a service which we are happy to provide free of charge.

As well as being eco-friendly, a well made willow coffin is beautiful to look. Our coffins have passed rigorous testing by the Funeral Furnishing Manufacturers’ Association (FFMA) and are suitable for any burial or cremation no matter how testing the circumstances.

We are still able to offer our complete range of coffins and weave bespoke designs. And if family and friends would like to see it being made, we can help with that too.