A Guide to Willow

Please be aware that as this is a natural product the colour and/or finish of your chosen coffin may differ slightly from the images shown on the website and in other promotional material.


Antique buff

Also known as stripped willow, this is a natural barked or green willow which has been boiled and then stripped of its bark and dried. The special variety of willow used in these natural processes produces a smooth golden willow rod without the need for chemicals. The end result is a colour which sits between buff and white willow.



The natural processes used to produce buff willow are the same as those for antique buff. By using a different variety of willow, a smooth orange / brown rod is produced.



Only non toxic dyes are used. To achieve the best possible finish only white willow is dyed.


Natural barked or brown

This is natural willow which has been dried with its bark on.



Willow is placed in a boiler for a few hours to colour it a chocolate / black colour. When the willow is removed from the boiler it is left to dry naturally outside.



Our highest quality green willow is freshly cut in winter and ‘pitted‘ (left to stand in water until the sap rises in the spring). The willow is then stripped of its bark (without boiling) to leave a white colour rod. Please be aware that white willow is not paper white and can look a little cream in colour.