A Guide to Coffin Terms

If you haven’t chosen a coffin before, the terminology and choices can seem a little overwhelming.

Wicker coffin choices

Some of the constituent parts of a willow coffin are more obvious than others. If you are planning to customise one of our coffins, the online customisation section takes you through these decisions step by step. (Please be aware that a willow coffin is often referred to as a wicker coffin.)

First, you will need to decide on the shape of the coffin. Our wicker coffin range is made in either a traditional shape or with a curved end. The base determines the shape of the coffin. Most Funeral Directors are happy with a ‘flat’ base but some prefer a base with ‘runners’. Please check with your Funeral Director.

The main colour
Our willow coffins are woven in the following finishes; antique buff, buff, natural barked, steamed and white willow. Natural dyes are used to turn our white willow different colours. 16 colours are available.

Wicker Coffin Parts

Bottom bands
Working from the base up (and depending on the style of coffin that has been chosen) the next decision will be the colour of the bottom band. From there, the colour of the bottom inner band needs to be determined. The bottom inner band is woven just below the handles.

Choose either rope or willow for the 6 handles. The handles are not just for decorative purposes, they are designed to lift 30 stone in weight. If you have opted for willow handles, there is a wide range of colours and finishes to choose from.

Top bands
Above the handles (again depending on the style of coffin) is the top inner band. This colour can also be customised. Then it is up to the top outer band where customisation options are again available.

Plaits and lids
All our lids are finished with a beautiful willow plait. The colour and finish of both the lid and the plait can be customised.

Coffin Additions

Inside the coffin
All our coffins are lined with a natural calico liner. We can use natural dyes to colour the liner. The liner can be plain or with a frill. A mattress and pillow (filled with hay from our fields) can also be included.

Bows are available in a variety of colours and, if required, these are tied to the coffin.

Name plates
Our name plates are made from sustainable oak. A top of the range laser engraver is used to write up to 5 lines of text on each name plate. Usually, up to 20 characters per line can be accommodated.